Kingdom Invitational Gala

Killarney Swimming Club had a fantastic weekend in Tralee on 23rd and 24th April at the Kingdom Invitational Gala. It was a great to have our younger swimmers get involved in this gala, who knocked time off PBs and also received some medals.

On Saturday, Alison Butler and Ella Cremin from Senior 1 competed. Alison had a brilliant race and took gold in the 100IM, knocking 6 secs off her PB.  Ella took silver in the 200 backstroke. From the other squads, Sarah Quirke took gold, Daniel Bourke took silver and Antoni Waberski took bronze, all in the 100IM.

On Sunday Sean O’Brien took gold in the 50m breaststroke and Sean Tomlinson took Bronze in the 50m Freestyle.

Ian Coffey came away with two silver medals, one in the 50M backstroke and the other in the 200IM

Alison Butler took bronze in the 100M FLY and Ross Bowell took bronze in the 200IM

Daniel Bourke took bronze in the 50M breaststroke

Ella Cremin came away with 6 medals over the weekend, bronze in the 50M free, silver in the 200M backstroke and a whopping four gold medals; 100M backstroke, 50M FLY, 50M breaststroke and 200IM.

Sunday also saw loads of our swimmers take time off their PBs. Well done to everyone involved in the gala especially those who worked so hard to make sure that the day ran smoothly.

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