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Subject to compliance with the Club Constitution, Club Rulebook and the rules and regulations of Swim Ireland (all of which will vary from time to time), the following guidelines are for the purposes of providing clarity on how a swimmer can become a member of Killarney Swimming Club:

  • All admissions are subject to the availability of places
  • Assessments of swimmers, available and applying to become members, will take place at the instigation of the club Management Committee generally, but not invariably, at the start of each calendar year and each swimming year.
  • The standard requires is an advanced stage in the Swim Ireland “Learn to Swim” programme, or its equivalent.
  • Swimmers will be assessed by a coach or coaches nominated by the club Management Committee.
  • Swimmers will be expected to demonstrate excellent timing and technique across all strokes
  • Following the assessments, the nominated coach(es) will forward recommendations to the club Management Committee for consideration.
  • The final decision on admission to the Club will rest with the club Management Committee which may consider all factors, including the coach recommendation, before making it’s decision on eligible swimmers.
  • Invitations to join the Club will be issued in order of preference to fill whatever vacancies the Management Committee deem to be available.
  • If insufficient places are available at that time, the Committee may, at it’s absolute discretion, use this list of eligible swimmers as a waiting list for admission pending the next assessment day at which point all available swimmers at that time must be re-assessed and a new list of eligible swimmers prepared.
  • The swimmer/parent will be asked to complete the club Membership Forms which are in our Downloads section.
  • Finally, details of the fees payable can be obtained from the Club Secretary.

Applications for membership are always welcome – please contact us about joining.

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