Our logo and colours

The logo of the Killarney Swimming Club is of a White-tailed Eagle (Iolar Mhara or Haliaeetus albicilla) swooping down over water to catch a fish.   The twin concepts behind the club’s logo were that (a) it should clearly represent where we are from and (b) as we are a swimming club, it should feature water.

It was felt that the White-tailed Eagle was the perfect choice given its recent re-introduction to Killarney National Park following an absence of 110  years.  For  more  information on the White-tailed Eagle reintroduction programme, visit www.goldeneagle.ie.

Our swimming club’s colours are purple, blue and white which are taken from the Killarney Town crest.  We went for a distinguishable purple cap so that our swimmers would be easily recognisable when competing in galas.

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