Vacancies for parents


Killarney Swimming Club is a non-profit making, voluntary organisation. The day-to-day running of the club is carried out by the coaches and the parents of our swimmers.  These people kindly donate their time and effort for the overall good of our young swimmers and of the club.  As you, the parents, are our only support, we encourage you to get involved and help out whenever or wherever possible. Absolutely no experience is necessary.  You can help support our club and our swimmers in the following areas:

Committee : Become an official of the club.  The Committee is selected at the AGM which is held around October in each year.   We would ask that at least one adult member of each family attend the meeting.
Deck Duty : One parent or guardian must be present at the poolside during each training session.   Currently, the deck duty roster is distributed to each swimmer.  Check the roster and, if you cannot attend your assigned session, please arrange with another parent to take over the session in your place.   In accordance with the Guidelines and Code of Conduct laid down by Swim Ireland (of which Killarney Swimming Club is a member), the coach must terminate the training session if no parent is in attendance at the poolside.
Squad Co-ordinators : The club will always need parents help in co-ordinating the squads. Currently we need co-ordinators for all squads, particularly for “A” squad.
Galas : Parents or guardians are always needed to chaperone groups of swimmers travelling to galas. The children need to be supervised on the bus while travelling and at the poolside during the gala.
Timekeeping: You can help by being a time-keeper at galas.  Each club participating in a gala is expected to supply two time-keepers.  This is great fun and guarantees a poolside seat for the day!
Fundraising: Get involved in our fundraising events.  The club runs a number of fundraising events throughout the year.  The money collected subsidises the cost of sending the swimmers to galas.
Coaching: Parents/guardians and adult ex-swimmers are encouraged to become coaches.   The club is always looking for extra coaching assistance.

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