Gala Checklist

These are the basic items you will need to pack for Galas:

Togs: Bring at least 2 pairs.
Goggles: Bring 2 pairs (good racing goggles) in case one breaks.   Test the goggles before the gala.
Club hat: The purple Killarney Swimming Club hat must be worn at galas and is available from your coach.
Deck  Shoes: Please wear deck shoes such as flip-flops or Crocs etc. when walking around the pool deck.
Towels: Bring at least 2.
Clothes: Bring a set of warm clothes (such as a track suit, boardshorts and T-shirt) to wear between swims to avoid getting a chill.
Food: Eat plenty of carbohydrates (rice, pasta, potatoes, bananas, porridge) the night before, and keep drinking.  Eat something for breakfast, even if it seems too early to be hungry.  Don’t experiment with new foods on the day of a gala – choose something you know you like and you know agrees with you.
Bring bread rolls/sandwiches, pieces of fruit, nuts and seeds, breakfast/snack bars and jellies, winegums or creamed rice.  Pasta followed by fruit makes a good lunch and try to eat as soon as the lunch break starts so your body has a chance to start digesting your food before the afternoon session begins.  Keep eating healthy snacks throughout the day between races.Foods to avoid:- 
1. Greasy foods (burgers, chips and doughnuts)
2. Highly seasoned foods (pizza, curries, crisps and chillies)
3. Fizzy drinks
Drinks: After racing, you have used up energy and need to replace it with something.  Bring plenty of water (write your name on your bottle), isotonic sports drinks, or diluted squash with you for sipping during the gala, as most pools are very warm and it’s easy to get dehydrated.  Tropicana “with bits” is recommended as it contains the lowest sugar and the “bits” replace lost electrolytes (apparently!)
Medication & Supplements: If you are taking medication please, please tell your squad co-ordinator and coach before the Gala.  This includes inhalers.   Anti-doping tests are now conducted regularly at swimming meets, even for swimmers who are under 18. All swimmers and their parents should be familiar with the advise from Swim Ireland on medications and supplements, which can be found here. Basically,

(a) keep a record of anything taken in the 14 days before the meet,

(b) check online as to its acceptability and

(c) record the reference of the medication or supplement taken online.

Finally, if you are scheduled or need to take medication during the day, make sure you have it with you as we won’t!  Again, this includes inhalers.

Money: If going by bus, the group usually stops at a takeaway on the way home from the gala.   Just bring enough money to cover this and any extra drinks and food you may need during the galas.
Valuables: None, just a bag for your medals!

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