Training times for 2019/2020 are as follows:

A Squad B Squad C Squad Development
Monday 7am-8am 
Tuesday 7am-8am &
Thursday  7am-8am 7pm-8pm  5pm-6pm 6pm-7pm
Friday  7am-8am
Saturday   9am-10am
Sunday 9am-10am 10am-11am

A deck duty officer must be on deck for training to commence.  Deck duty rosters can be viewed or downloaded below.

The Swimming Pool have the following rules for all parents on Deck Duty:

  1.  There is a strict no phone policy on poolside.
  2.  No eating is allowed on poolside.
  3.  Blue shoe covers must be wore at all times.
  4.  If the parent on deck duty brings a child with them, the child must remain in the small gallery or the big gallery on the balcony – children are not allowed to run on poolside or to use phones/tablets on poolside.