15th of November 2014 notes

Our club AGM took place last Wednesday the 12th of November.  Our Chairperson, Mike O’Sullivan, reported to all attendees on the considerable progress the club has made in the last twelve months.
Kristian O’Donovan has now taken up the role of lead/head coach and will be completing his Level 2 coaching qualification before the end of this season.  A number of new coaches have come on board, namely, Cathal Roche, Leontia Doody and, most recently, Fidelma Cremin.  We now have a very strong coaching team and this will help to improve standards over the coming year.  Special mention was made of Vicki Dando, with the meeting extending her every good wish.  It is hoped she will be back with us in the near future.
In particular, Mike noted the considerable improvements in personal best swimming times by all swimmers, with many swimmers moving up grades and Shane, Robert and Alan making the National Divisional Championships.
Following the election of the Club Committee for the coming year, the Club’s new car sticker was given out to all those in attendance.

Extra stickers are available from Mike.

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