15th December 2016 notes

Reminder to everyone that our annual Christmas Gala is scheduled for this Sunday the 18th of December.  Rumour has it that some squads have been getting in some specialist training ahead of the big events.  Ha!  We know who you are and Mike will be keeping a close eye out for any funny business.

Swimming starts at 10:00 am with the big event, The Family Race, down on the swimming card for just before noon.  As everyone knows, the rules of this rough, tough, competitive race are that three competitors from one family comprise a team, with a minimum of one parent (or grandparent, that’s OK too) and one child on each team.  Also, we will try and have a clean race this year so both biting and scratching is absolutely forbidden.

Our Christmas party will take place afterwards from midday to about 2:00 pm – cakes, buns, chocolates, sandwiches, pizza, presentation of prizes, photos, etc.  We might even have a surprise guest if we can make enough noise!

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