25th May 2017 notes

The annual club day out took place last Sunday, the 21st of May, to Castlegregory and what a fantastic day was had by all!   Over half our club travelled which is a huge turn out.

Between boogie-boarding and kayaks, trampolines and pedal boats, nothing was left untested.  With the water being described as  “not warm”, there was a welcome break for some fine dining with a menu including such favourites as chicken nuggets, sausages and burgers.  There was even a vegetarian option – chips!

Club awards were handed out on the day by Samantha O’Connor and there was general agreement that it was the best club day out ever.

Enormous thanks, as always, must to Samantha for all her hard work and kindness on the day and throughout the year, Denise for keeping the whole thing together and our coach, Leontia, for being there when she was needed.  Thanks also to the parents who travelled on the day to help out.

A selection of photos can be viewed here and anyone who would like to add extra photos of the day out to the website, please send them in.


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