14th of January 2019 notes

The results of our Christmas Quiz 2018 are in and after much consultation, discussion and re-checking, our carefully-selected panel of expert judges have chosen a winner.

But first, the answers:
1. 100 C in a E      100 cents in a euro.
2. M is 838 M H     Mangerton is 838 metres high.
3. M C of the Y 2018 – K S C!    Munster Club of the Year 2018 – Killarney Swimming Club!
4. 5 G R      5 Gold Rings.
5. 2002 by A-M      2002 by Anne-Marie.
6. 3 P for a G B in S      3 points for a green ball in snooker.
7. Y by 5 S of S      Youngblood by 5 Seconds of Summer.
8. 2018 C Y of the D      2018 Chinese Year of the Dog.
9. 4 C B      4 Calling Birds.
10. The F is 28 M L      The Flesk is 28 miles long.
11. T M ½ na hO (Gaeilge)      Tús maith leath na hOibre.
12. 25/08/18 P F V I      25/08/18 Pope Francis visits Ireland.
13. U, M, L, C the 4 P       Ulster, Munster, Leinster, Connacht the 4 Provinces.
14. 11/11/’18 – E of the G W      11/11/’18 – end of the Great War.
15. 3 F H      3 French Hens.
16. L (23rd J – 22nd A)       Leo (23rd July – 22nd August).
17. 12 is the C R of 1728       12 is the cube root of 1728.
18. N 72 K to K      N72 Killorglin to Killarney.
19. 15/07/1853 – O O of K R S     15/07/1853 – Official Opening of Killarney Railway Station.
20. 2 T D       2 Turtle Doves.
21. A 2018, the D H & G re-O      April 2018, the Dunloe Hotel and Gardens re-opens.
22. 2018 – K M F C      2018 – Kerry Minor Football Champions.
23. The 2nd B E M H       The 2nd Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.
24. 1st P the P      1st past the post.
25. G L Y by M 5      Girls Like You by Maroon 5.

For the second year in a row, our outright winner is Saibh O’Brien from A Squad. Well done, Saibh. Enjoy the cinema and those hot chocolates and for winning it twice, you get extra marshmallows!

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