25th of June 2017 notes

Best of luck from everyone in the Club to our senior swimmers who are currently in the final weeks of training before the upcoming Division 1 and Division 2 Galas, while the rest of us are just chillin’ and slurping ice-cream!

This year we have eleven swimmers competing at Division 2 level and a further three who have qualified for Division 1 and, recently, all swimmers were presented with commemorative Killarney Swimming Club tops to mark their achievement by Swimming Club Chairman Brian O’Connor and Senior Squad Co-ordinator Ann-Marie Galvin under Frontthe ever-watchful eye of our Senior Coach, Cathal O’Brien.  Can you name the swimmers?  If not, just scroll down – but can you name the girl in the background who is a former swimming club member?  Answers and guesses by email to killarneyswimmingclub@gmail.com – there’s a prize for the first correct email drawn from the hat.  Look!  there she is again.

Killarney Swimming Club Senior Squad members who are taking part in the upcoming Divisional Galas.  Division 1 swimmers – Niamh Coffey, Charles O’Brien and Pia Hickey.  Division 2 swimmers – Robert O’Brien, Margaret O’Brien, Alan O’Shea, Orlaith Reynolds, Nathaniel Doncel, Aisling Coffey, Paul O’Leary, Ellen O’Connor and Ethan O’Neill.  (Missing from the photo are Shane Kerins and Julie Rose Bowell.)
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