22nd of January 2018 notes

At last!  The results of our Christmas Quiz are out and our panel of expert judges have chosen a winner.

The answers are:

  1. 100 C in a E     One hundred cents in a euro.
  2. The L L, M L and U L – the 3 L of K     The Lower Lake, Middle Lake and Upper Lake – the 3 Lakes of Killarney.
  3. The R L is 23 K L    The river Laune is 23 kilometres long.
  4. I the 1 by D J K      I’m the 1 by DJ Khaled.
  5. B, B, B and F – the 4 S of the I M      Butterfly, Back, Breast and Freestyle – the 4 strokes of the Individual Medley. (Frontcrawl was accepted here also.)
  6. W L D by M 5     What lovers do by Maroon 5.
  7. N 21, K to T      N21, Killarney to Tralee.
  8. O’C O’S, S, 58 HS     O’Connor O’Shea, Solicitors, 58 High Street.
  9. S C is C to T by J 5     Santa Claus is coming to town by Jackson 5.
  10. T M is 535 M H        Torc Mountain is 535 metres high.
  11. K S C – F 2012        Killarney Swimming Club – founded 2012.
  12. K R C, W and A evening – 30/11/2017     Killarney Rotary Club, Wine and Art evening – 30/11/2017.
  13. 2 over P is a D B in G     Two over par is a double bogey in golf.
  14. N A, the 1st M on the M     Neil Armstrong, the first man on the Moon.
  15. 15 is the S R of 225      15 is the square root of 225.
  16. The A I M F F, K 6-17, D 1-8     The All Ireland Minor Football Final, Kerry 6-17, Derry 1-8.
  17. 2 H are B T 1     Two heads are better than one.
  18. I T 1 to K 1        It takes one to know one.
  19. 1, D P U the P      One, don’t pick up the phone.
  20. 5 L D W out 1 D       Five little ducks went out one day.
  21. P (F 18th – M 20th)      Pisces (February 18th – March 20th).
  22. B R 2049      Blade Runner 2049.
  23. M A, F 1448      Muckross Abbey, founded 1448.
  24. 2, D L H in      Two, don’t let him in.
  25. P F – 10th to 12th A       Puck Fair – 10th to 12th August.

The tiebreaker question was: “What Christmas Carol do dogs like?”

Our winner is Saibh O’Brien from A Squad who answered all questions correctly and came up with the brilliant tiebreak answer of “The Furry-Tail of New York!”

Well done, Saibh.  Enjoy the cinema and those hot chocolates.

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