25th of March 2018 notes

Who wants to own a brand-new iPhone?  No?  Maybe you prefer Android so how about a Samsung Smartphone?  Or perhaps an absolutely-giant Easter egg for the week that’s in it or tickets to a fabulous show this summer in the INEC?

Yes, the draw for the Killarney Swimming Club Grand Raffle takes place this coming Thursday evening at the pool and there are four lucky winners out there as we speak – and one of them could be you!

“But I forgot to buy my ticket,” I hear you wail.  Never fear!  Squad managers have extra tickets for sale this week to meet expected demand.

Ok.  So you have a phone, are allergic to chocolate and are away all summer.  Is there any reason you should buy a ticket?  Oh yes there is.

Last week we finally got permission to use our new diving blocks which we started using on Friday morning.  There is one catch – we must build a storage shed out back, and that costs money.  Very simply, if we can sell enough tickets before Thursday, then we can build our shed.

So, between now and Thursday, for whatever reason pushes your buttons, please get out there and sell as many tickets as you can so that we can build our Club storage shed after Easter.

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