29th of March 2018 notes

We are ready to go with our Easter Draw! This blog is coming (more or less) live to you from the Killarney Sports and Leisure Complex.

All the tickets have been checked, the Official Adjudicator is seated, looking very serious. There is a hush …

Niamh Coffey bravely steps up to draw the winning ticket for the first prize of an iPhone and the winner is … wait … Mr. Phil O’Sullivan! He’s a Corkman, apparently, but we’re an open-minded club.

Next up to draw a ticket, stepping gingerly through the crowds of onlookers, is Paul O’Leary. This ticket is for the Samsung Smartphone. Paul rummages through the hat … the ticket is out … it’s James Tarrant, a popular local winner. Well done James.

Now Ellen O’Connor approaches the stage to draw the winning ticket for the absolutely disgustingly enormous Easter Egg. Now folks, we all know that Ellen really wants that egg, there’s been talk. The Official Adjudicator leans in just a little bit closer … this one is taking some time … it must be done correctly … the ticket is out … the winner is … Ciara Irwin-Foley! Another local girl. The egg has found a happy home, although it won’t be there long.

Niamh Coffey volunteers to draw the last ticket to much applause. This one is for two tickets to see “Legally Blonde” in the Gleneagle during the Summer … take your time, Niamh … the ticket is out … and its Maunie O’Leary from Gneeveguilla. Well done, Maunie.

Thanks to everyone who supported our Easter Raffle, by sponsoring the prizes, buying tickets and running the draw. Well done to the winners and Happy Easter to everyone from Killarney Swimming Club.


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