2nd of July 2019 notes

The very best of luck to all our senior swimmers who are currently in the final weeks of absolutely savage training before the upcoming National Division 1 and Division 2 Galas, while the rest of us are just chillin’ and growing lazy.

This year we have five swimmers competing at Division 2 level (Ellen O’Connor, Ellen Farndon, Paul O’Leary, Paudie O’Leary and Peter O’Doherty) and a further two who have qualified for Division 1 (Charles O Brien and Ian Coffey). Recently, all swimmers were presented with commemorative Killarney Swimming Club tops to mark their achievement.teamKillarney Swimming Club Senior Squad members who are taking part in the upcoming Divisional Galas. Division 1 – Ian Coffey. Division 2  – Ellen O’Connor, Paul O’Leary, Paudie O’Leary and Peter O’Doherty. (Missing from the photo are Charles O’Brien and Ellen Farndon.)

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